Enterprise Class Email Simplified For Your Business

The next generation state-of-art email solution. Build for business of future, built without limits, built for dynamics you’ve always wanted in your business. 

Dedicated Email Server

Dedicated email server for your business domain. 1 email server can serve many domains at a time, but we keep it dedicated for you.


All our plans are with unlimited users. Run the mailing service un-metered. Pay only for resource utilization and not the number of users!

Blazing Fast Speeds

Located on blazing fast servers in Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York, our email server access is lightening fast. You'll visibly see the speed in mail delivery.

Fully Encrtypted with SSL Certificate

Full SSL Encryption for all your mails, web-access, and app-access. We encrypt internal mail transfers too because we are simply paranoid about security.


Full SSL Encryption for all your mails, web-access, and app-access. We encrypt internal mail transfers too because we are simply paranoid about security.

Any Device/mail-client support

100% Compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobile-Gmail Apps and Exchange Apps. Just a few clicks and you're good to go.

Elegant underlying technology

We've done the ground work well. The supporting technology is simply elegant and revolutionary. Not so much of a surprise that we got 10/10 on most email testing websites!

Choose YOUR plan

All plans are hosted on dediated 1000 Mbps servers with built in Firewall, State-of-art Spam filter, World class antivirus and 100% encryption.


Per Year

  • Unlimited Email Users
  • 25 GB Storage Server
  • Email for 1 Domain
  • 1 Year Support


Per Year

  • Unlimited Email Users
  • 100 GB Storage Server
  • Email for 2 Domains
  • Full Year Support


Per Year

  • Unlimited Email Users
  • 200 GB Storage Server
  • Unlimited Domain
  • 1 Year Priority Support

Frequently asked questions

Unlimited number of users. Unlike most email service providers we do not bill you on the number of users. Because we give you a dedicated email server you can create as many users as you can limited by the server resources. Our plans are only limited by the server space.

Our service is 100% compatible with desktop and mobile email clients. It is very easy to set up our service with standard email client.

Yes. You can set up our email service with Android Gmail App and IOS Email App in minutes. You can also configure most of the standard mobile email apps with our email service. 

We got a full 10/10 on most of the independent email testing portals on web. You can rest assured that our systems are very well configured and should not give you problems in the long run.

We can increase your mailbox to any size at $2.40/GB per year starting at a 100 GB upgrade. A typical upgrade to 200 GB would cost you $480* per year.  You can also opt to upgrade your plan package.

*Applicable currency exchange rates apply.

Enterprise email solution is an email service linked with your domain. It is often a crucial component in business operations and adds authenticity to the identity of your business.

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