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Infinity Cheetah is Business Intelligence software application. It improves marketing and client growth by as high as up-to 3 time in slow markets. It features very long time lead tracking, multiple client-staff lead followup synchronization across multiple staffs following business leads. It has reminder and followup application support and full in depth workflow, business and management analysis of generated business information.
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Who needs Infinity Cheetah ? You need Infinity Cheetah SOA if
  • You are managing and following business leads yourself and you want complete efficiency and accuracy in client following
  • You have a team of tele-calling staffs who are continuously making calls to potential leads and you require a systematic and analytical lead management SOA
  • You want to optimize the lead following process and want to make sure that none of the potential lead is missed out
  • You require a complete record of all lead followup for your analysis
  • You would like to know how your advertising campaign has contributed to the lead generation ? Which of the campaigns have generated the largest number of leads? Which of them has the type of leads that closed successfully?
We have been continuously analyzing and interacting with marketing, advertising and tele-calling companies. One of the primary problems that many of these firms often face is the lack of a proper and synchronized business lead management application. A typical work cycle of such a business is lead-generation, lead-followup, lead-closing, business development. We primarily focus on the second and perhaps the most crucial part of the above process, the lead-followup. Lead following starts by a simple call or a visit. This information can be stored in any format such as any CRM or a simple application such as excel sheet. The possibilities arise:
  • A large number of your potential clients will be very busy and so they will ask your sales person to call back on a certain date in future.
  • Some of them will not like the idea, will not be interested, may not need your product, solution or service.
  • Some of them is already using a product, solution or service of your rival company.
  • A few may be in need of your product, service or solution but they may require a more skilled sales person or tele-caller to convince them and turn them in.
  • A very few of them will be interested, but they may require you to follow them up a bit.
It is very likely that some of these clients may be left out due to employee errors, followup mismanagement, unclear information retention after followup with client, unavailability of analytical data to analyze errors etc. There could be many more errors, but the central concept is that you are missing a tool to manage and target all the above clients with detailed analysis and report of each client followup so that you never miss of a client at the same time you retain all the information about each and every calls made to clients and the information regarding the same. Not only data, Infinity Cheetah SOA is capable of generating high end graphical output of analytical data. Infinity Cheetah SOA features:
  • Extended client tracking abillity
  • In depth tracking analysis leading up to closing of more than anticipated clients.
  • Full and extended reminder and alarm and day calendar support of every employee
  • Multi level ACL for clear distinction between management staffs and marketing teams/tele-callers.
  • Abililty to produce high quality analytical graph of real time SOA data that can used for business optimization.
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