Infinity Workload Management Software Suit is an advance workload management system that effectively intelligently manages, distributes, synchronizes and records your entire workload. With very simple to use interface you can exercise complete control of your entire work process complete business workload in a fraction of time. Whether its medicine industry, after sales support, construction company or manufacturing plant, workload management system can significantly improve your work efficiency and raise your bottom line.


WMS Data Analysis enables sampling of business data operations and produces precise and comprehensive visual information such as Charts, Graphs and Spreadsheets.

Infinity WMS, an advance yet simple to use application for synchronization and streamlining any kind of Business Workload. It is an intelligent set of customized application suit to instantly convert your work load into an interactive business operation platform with automatic load book-keeping, management and complete profile history of the ongoing business process.

  • Multipoint data input and in built data record keeping,
  • Information tracking and filing till the time the assigned work is not completed or until the file is closed.
  • Easy to use web based interface with little or no experience required to operate WMS software systems.
  • Instant chart, graphs and spreadsheet generation for data analysis.
  • Secluded administrative privileges to Business Owners and administrators to keep control of information change in the system.
  • Multi level privilege for different levels of staff team collaborating with one another and interacting through WMS.


WMS is highly customized application suite which can be effectively applied to almost any nature of work flow. Some of the common areas where WMS has already been applied and has produced fantastic results are

  • Post sales support systems, most commonly the repair centers of consumer electronics
  • Industrial job queuing and job tracking
  • Production units and plants where multi-layered load management systems are inevitable
  • Service industry, most typically the service sector operating in public sector and handling large volume of complaints from various sources
  • Small scale industries where multiple service requests, complaints and job queue can product significant work load


You need wms if

  • You have a system of managing work load, which is self devised, and it composed of spreadsheel (usually excel ) and emails or some small database application for track keeping of business process. But, you need syncronization of information so that the information may become more sensible, analytical and visual.
  • You have learned a great deal from past errors but you dont want to continue losing business due to the method of learning after a loss. Instead, you seek a solution to control error yet the learning continues.
  • You want to increase productivity by cutting down the waste of time due to mis-management of business critical information.
  • Increase your staff productivity by arming them with WMS.
  • You want to take informed decisions about your business. Effectively form strategies to reduce customer complaints. You are aiming at a higher level of customer satisfaction.



We are required to do extensive customization of the core WMS application suit to make it suited for your requirements. We usually expect to deploy a suite of WMS in about a fortnight.

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