Military grade security on proven Unix platform, Infinity Firewall is build for the most hostile environments where security and control of you network and data matters the most.

Feature Comparison of Infinirt Firewall Server Editions

Infinity Firewall Features Standard Edition (SE) SME Edition (ME) Enterprise Edition (EE)
Core Firewall  tick  tick  tick
NTP Support  tick tick  tick
Built In Proxy Server for Web Acceleration  tick  tick  tick
Extensive Log & Analysis  tick  tick  tick
Inbound-Outbound Packet Mapping for over 65,000 hosts  tick  tick  tick
Extended Routing Abilities  tick  tick  tick
Traffic Shaping and Prioritization  tick  tick  tick
Site/Content/IP Blocking and Auto Blocking  tick  tick  tick
Link Failover  red-dot  tick  tick
Routing Capability with Static IP Service Hosting  red-dot  tick  tick
Deep Packet Inspection for Extended Security  red-dot  tick  tick
L7 Traffic Analyzer for Application Specific Security  red-dot  tick  tick
Real Time Traffic Graphs  red-dot  tick  tick
Analytical Graphs of Throughput, Quality and Packet Analysis  red-dot red-dot  tick
Extended Traffic Shaping and Service Oriented Application  red-dot red-dot  tick
Timed Site/Content/IP Blocking and Auto Blocking for Different Times and Requirements  red-dot red-dot  tick
Load Balancing for Higher Throughput  red-dot red-dot  tick

Architecture and Solution Details.

Architecture Full 64 Bit Unix System on Intel64, IA64, AMD64 and Sparc Platforms
Underlying System Original Unix 64 Bit
Core Language Constructs C/C++ For Core Application, Java/PHP for Interface, Unix Toolkit and Unix Std Base.
Service Type Firewall, VPN Server, Network Server and Ent. Server Platform built into standard system
Recorded Throughput on Quad Core Xeon with 4 Gigabit Cards > 2.4 Gbps with 100 Firewall Filters

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