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It’s very simple to use. Takes follow-ups, manages all call reminders, generates call analytics, manages your closure points and synchronizes your sales process. Result is as high as 900% more closure*.

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About Infinity Cheetah SoA

What is Infinity Cheetah SoA ?

It is a hybrid solution that combines the best of Customer Tracking, Lead Management and Advance Analytics to help you sell a lot more !!

Single Hybrid Solution for tracking, CRM, LMS and Analytics..

This application makes it easy for a single sales executive to easily track 1000+ live clients simultaneously for years with 99% accuracy !!

How can my business benefit from this application?

In real estate it is not uncommon to follow a potential customer for months before they are converted. As the follow-up lengthens and number of leads increases, it becomes impossible to track potential clients with conventional tools such as MS-Excel. Ironically, the missed out clients are probably the ones who could have been most likely converted. With extended tracking abilities this application substantially benefits real estate sales.

How is analytics useful to me?

Some of the benefits are that Analytics and Graphs give you idea of how your sales team is performing and it also compares various sources of the leads and help you plan better sales and marketing strategy.

Get full detail of resource utilization vs performance of your sales team to better optimize your business and improves sales.

Manage your sales from all devices Desktops, Smart Phones, Tablets and PDS with ease ..

Can I use it on my Smart Phone?

Yes. The software is designed to be responsive so it will adapt itself according to Smart Phone screen giving you seamless access to all its features on your phone with ease.

How does it help me track my leads?

This application not only displays your follow-up reminders, but also tracks if your sales team has taken appropriate action on the reminders. It maintains a record of all pending follow-ups, current follow-ups and emails it daily to your sales team .. just to make sure that your leads are never missed out. You can know in an instant if your staff has done appropriate follow-up on a reminder or not. It also eliminates duplication in follow-ups.

Equipped with advance tracking algorithms, it keeps you informed at all times if your leads are being properly followed ..

95% of the people in sales can effectively use the application to manage sales in a training of less than 20 minutes !!

How can my business benefit from this application?

The application is as easy as checking an email. No technical expertise is needed to use it. And, we will take care of all the training and support needs. After all, our success depends upon the success of our software in your business.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Infinity Cheetah LMS is all you need to become a market leader of your product

Instantly see growth in your closure ration. With cheetah you can track every lead for months, never miss a single followup and increase your closings upto 900% .

Incredibly Easy to Use

  • Web based and Incredibly Easy to Use
  • Reponsive and Eeasier on Mobile Device
  • Simple, Fast and Functional Interface

Advance Client Tracker


Full SSL Encryption for all your mails, web-access, and app-access. We encrypt internal mail transfers too because we are simply paranoid about security.

Any Device/mail-client support

100% Compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobile-Gmail Apps and Exchange Apps. Just a few clicks and you're good to go.

Elegant underlying technology

We've done the ground work well. The supporting technology is simply elegant and revolutionary. Not so much of a surprise that we got 10/10 on most email testing websites!

In-depth BI Analytics

Instant Tracking Overview

How is your marketing team doing? What is the closure ratio? Are my expenses on marketing justified? Is it working for me? With BI Analytics, you have answers to all of these in minutes. With overview charts you are well aware and deeply informed.


Separate performance charts for marketing teams help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing team. With this information in hand, you can better manage your funds allocations for the teams, saving the losses while rewarding talent.

Artificial Intelligence at your fingertips

Located on blazing fast servers in Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York, our email server access is lightening fast. You'll visibly see the speed in mail delivery.

Choose YOUR plan

User bases subscription plans at per user per month billed annually.


Per User / Month

  • Package of 11 Users
  • 20 Million Entries / User
  • Automatic Email System
  • 1-2 Trainings in 1 Year
  • BI Analytics and Data Mining Algorithms
  • 1 Year Support


Per User / MONTH

  • Package of 21 Users
  • 20 Million Entries / User
  • Automatic Email System
  • 4 Trainings in 1 Year
  • BI Analytics and Machine Learning
  • 1 Year Support



  • More than 21 Users uo to 1024 Users
  • 20 Million Entries / User
  • Automatic Email System
  • 4 Trainings in 1 Year
  • BI Analytics and Data Mining Algorithms
  • 1 Year Support

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