We have developed, deployed and configured IT infrastructure for some of the most demanding, challenging and hostile environments. We have acquired extensive knowledge and experience working with core IT infrastructure technologies. We are also proud owners of some of the latest wireless equipment, firewalls and high end servers. At Infinity Training Center we train and teach some of the most advanced, challenging and sophisticated IT infrastructure technologies available today, and share our knowledge and experience with students, business organizations, technical institutions and technology enthusiasts.

Our training comprises of both theory and hands on experience sessions on real on-site applications. We offer training in the following areas of IT infrastructure solution:

Infinity Training Center
Course Type Intake Career Path Course Duration Pricing
Server Administration 5 Students System Administration Aspirants 3 Months INR 38,000/-
Wireless Deployment Technologies 5 Students Candidates looking for a career with ISP, Telecom and IT Infrastructure Industry 1 Month INR 42,000/-
Fibre Optic Network Technologies 10 Students Looking for a career in Telecom Industry 1 Months INR 24,000/-
Managed Switching Technologies 10 Students Looking for a career in Telecom Industry & IT Infrastructure Industry 3 Months INR 96,000/-
Creating a basic ISP server with AAA method of authentication and virtualization solution 5 Students Candidates looking for a career with ISP, Telecom and IT Infrastructure Industry 6 Months INR 2,22,000/-

* Varies according to the need of practical and on-site training requirements

For more information and registration details email to admin@inft.in

Server Administration
Wireless Deployment Technologies
Fibre Optic Network Technologies
Managed Switching Technologies
Network Firewall and corporate network security
Deployment of Real Network Infra.

  1. Server Administration : One or more of the following areas for a course curriculum towards server administration is urgently sought in the IT industry for the operation of the core IT infrastructure works
    1. Setting up a basic server system for application deployment (Hardware Setup, including general server maintenance). Also includes the understanding of CPU, frequencies, NCQ disk controllers etc in details.
    2. Configuring Hardware RAID and maintenance of storage data (Hardware and bios level concepts) in progression to (a) above, includes in depth information about the RAID, troubleshooting and managing of the raid systems.
    3. RAID/SAN Architect. This is the advance (b) with the concept of pro active system development and architecture of a raid system for critical application and data centers. Includes the advance administration from the system based Dell Openmanage.
    4. Accessing the server hardware from the system (Advance administration) with dell openmanage suite of server administration software
    5. Linux/Unix Systems absolute basics (installing, setting up, managing)
    6. Linux/Unix Systems interaction with Server Administration (advance of e) wrt server systems.
    7. Administering a Web Hosting server (complete hardware and software). includes the pro active concept of fault tolerance systems, remote management etc.
    8. Visualization in a real world scenario used as a hosting server application
    9. Solution : Configuring, creating and deploying and managing a full fldged Linux application server for industry service provision (requires all the above to be proficient)
  2. Wireless Deployment Technologies : The complete concept of real word application, theory and deployment of high end wireless solution.
    1. Wireless in theory : Concepts and basic application
    2. Long Distance wireless : Application for creating long distance wireless solution. Complete theory with on-site installation practice for multi KM link and throughput testing and analysis
    3. High end wireless technologies : MESH/Point-to-multipoint/MIMO/OFDM for high end enterprise wireless solutions such as AirMax, Wimax and 5 Ghz Band solutions.
  3. Fibre Optic Network Technologies : Creating and deploying a basic fibre optic network. Very useful for real world scenario of deployment.
    1. Incorporating fibre optic infrastructure in your existing setup. The core concepts, the advantages and the method.
    2. Creating an advances fibre optic infrastructure for high throughput, high load scenarios
    3. Troubleshooting of fibre optic networks : The equipment and the challenges
  4. Managed switching technologies : In conjunction with the switching technologies, we give hands on experience on the modern switching technologies with practice on real managed switches. Used for real life deployments into a corporate networks.
    1. Using a modern managed switch (concepts of advance management of remote switches from a browser)
    2. In depth knowledge of core switching technologies for real world deployments
    3. Deployment of Real Network Infrastructure : This includes all the above. We teach the configuration, management, deployment of a real network infrastructure. This includes the complete server administration. Here, create your own hosting infrastructure, or your own ISP. Test implementation of setting up and managing an ISP solution. Concepts of providing the consultancy for the same.
  5. Network Firewall and corporate network security: At Inifnity, we have designed, developed and deployed some of the most complex and powerful firewall solution in some of the most hostile environments. We have expensive expertise in firewall solutions and we would like to share our knowledge and experience to technology experts, business institutions and students. We have designed a simple curriculum for the purpose solely on the firewall solution
    1. The theory of firewall : core concepts and information
    2. Deployment, management and troubleshooting of firewall solution
  6. Creating a basic ISP server with AAA method of authenticiation and virtualization solution.
    1. Setting up Load Balancing and Routing for the server
    2. setting up VLAN network backbone with managed switches as controllers
    3. configuring server to communicate into a VLAN network for ISP provision
    4. client side setting and infrastructure concepts
    5. Last mile solution deployment technologies with wireless/fibre and copper solutions
    6. Testing, managing a network setup
    7. Managing client, accounting and troubleshooting network problems
    8. Integrated and coherent concept for the complete setup and step by step deployment strategies and planning.

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