Last Mile Solutions

We have immense experience in designing, deploying, testing and running IT communication solution for the last mile over years. We have deployed solution at varied terrains such as:

1. Crowded City Locations :

We have experience in designing, deployment and testing MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) composed of 10/100 Mbps Copper Links, 1000 Mbps Fibre Links and upto 600 Mbps Point-to-point and Point-to-multipoint solution with 200+ clients with 99.8% uptime over the span of 4 years !

Perhaps the most challenging of all and equally capable of generating very high revenue is the city locations where the population density is very high. Designing a solution for such a scenario has to deal with some fundamental complications such as very high interference in public frequency and the difficulty in laying out the wires and installing equipment due to difficulty in getting permission from the local and public authorities. A number of solution already exist such as the DSL technologies which uses telecom twisted pair cable for data transmissions, but unlike our case it is more suited for an already existing copper cabling infrastructure. We used a combination of Cisco low price managed switches, 10/100 auto negotiation switches, fibre-copper media converters, 6 core single mode fibre optic cable, 6p UTP cables and bridges wireless radios from ubiquity (2.4 Ghz), mikroti (5 Ghz) to accomplish this task. You may find the complete technical documentation and details in this whitepaper here. Except for the slight lag in the latency over the wireless network, we were able to keep the quality of delivery within the given constraint.

2. Rural Deployments :

3. Long Distance Industrial Back hauls:

4. Point-to-point very high speed links in City locations:

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