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We acquired 2 new dell poweredge 2900 servers. This make our data center performing at over 100 GB memory and over 40 Terabyte of live storage on multiple Quad Core Xeon servers working 24/7/365 to offer our clients stronger infrastructure-backbone and unparalled reliability.


Reliable VPS/Hosting solution for your applications and websites makes us the first choice of data warehousing service provider for both off the record, live and mission critical data hosting solution.

Capacity/Load analysis of the Infinity Data Center

Data Center Parameters Values/Capacity
Max hosting space per client available 4 TB
Bandwidth Capacity Upto 12 Mbps Dedicated / Per Server
Max Allocatable Ram / VPS 4 GB / Node
Max Cpu Power Per Core / VPS 3.6 Ghz ( ~12 Ghz Per CPU Dedicated)
Internal Data Centre Throughput Over 24 Gbps
Max Cloud Hosting Space … n/a



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