A premium IT Infrastructure & Software Solution Firm

We are among the leading Business Infrastructure and Management Software Solution Development Company. We have helped some of the major businesses manage their process, improve productivity and generate better business though our solutions. Delivering end-to-end business management solution, marketing platforms, inventory management, CRM systems and more.

Our Offices

Office No.12, Mittal Court,
Behind BMW Showroom,
Rasta Peth,
Pune 411011
Business Operations
Sales and Marketing
Flat No.2, Guruprasad Complex,
Near Azad Aali
628/629, Nana Peth,
Pune 411002
Design Studio
Design and Interface Development
340/41 Vijayshanti Arcade,
Near Poona Cafe Hotel,
Rasta Peth,
Pune 411011
Development Center

Right Technology. Right design. Right Implementation.

We are here to help you achieve more with technology​

Its always the simplest solution that works best. It was true then, when a great genius pointed it out, as it is true now in the age of technology. Its is difficult to succeed without technology today. IT has become part of our lives and often our business depends on it. We are willing to understand your requirement, we propose a solution that simple and effective and we also take complete responsibility to implement the design/solution. We help you succeed without the hassle of going through learning technology instead of your supposed work, taking care of your business.

With majority of our applications designed on Linux platform, our applications are natively scalable, safe and tested for stability and performance. We have native implementation of Cloud mailing systems, CRM/LMS, Erp applications and Business operations designed to outform most of rival applications.

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