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Linux Services

Open source technologies have come a long way since the term was first coined back in 1998. Today we can see many open source based companies surpassing the billion dollar mark. Even the world leaders of information technology, Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more are all using linux primarily for the progress of their business. There are a number of mid and small scale companies using, deploying and building linux-based IT infrastructures. Low total cost of ownership and unmatched reliability makes linux the ideal solution for emerging enterprise.

I see no reason why you too should not benefit from Linux  based systems. If Lack of expertise and administrative overhead is keeping you from using Linux in your business, and you are looking for a low-cost and reliable linux administrative service, you should look no further. With extensive experience of over 15 years in Linux systems and expertise in deployment of Linux to HPC, data centres and telecommunication infrastructure, I can assure you that your move of using linux systems for your business would be hassle free and stable.

Our Linux Skills


Best in class cloud skills

Leveraging on Cloud computing high availability, low operational cost and global data presence, we are skilled to give you the edge urgently required to excell in competetive markets. Our team has extensive experience in designing and deploying solutions on valious cloud platforms such as AWS, IBM CLOUD, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure.
Right from building and managing simple Tier-1 servers for your application to managing multi-node load balanced enterprise workload,  we have the experience and technical expertise to make your decision to go cloud succeed.
Solutions ranging from cloud hosting, cloud telephony to cloud email, we can deliver the solution you require, just when you need.

Flat Rate Linux Services

Service Platform Service Details Pricing
Server Security Hardening Linux, *BSD General System Security Audit and Server Hardening, System analysis for Vulnerabilities, Port level network security analysis and basic system profiling $200
Linux Application Installation (Packaged) Linux, *BSD General Application Environment Installation (Binary Only). e.g. LAMP, Jboss, Mono, Tomcat, MariaDb setup and secure configuration for ready deployment $150
Advamce Linux Gateway Linux, *BSD Linux Gateway and Routing Services (nat, routing, vlan-trunking, link-bonding, bandwith management, proxy server setup w/o caching, AAA configuration, PPPoE-Server for Internet and Intranet Service Provision, Virtual Gateway service configuration etc. $200 – $4000
Linux Application Installation (Source Build) Linux, *BSD General Application Environment Installation (Source Code Build). e.g. LAMP, Jboss, Mono, Tomcat, MariaDb, Squid Caching Server, Linux Gateway Services etc. setup and secure configuration for ready deployment $200
Server Installation (non Raid-LVM Based) Linux, *BSD General Server Installation, Security Hardening, Administrative Configuration, Basic application environment configuration (Non-raid based systems) $290
Server Installation with RAID and OEM Manager Linux, *BSD Advance Server Installation, Security Hardening, Administrative Configuration Setup, OEM Software Setup from server manufacturer (Dell OpenManage, IBM Director etc) on RAID (Both hardware and software) $410
Linux Kernel Level Setup Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DarwinOS Configuration Of Kernel for specific hardware (Vanilla Kernels),Building and setup of Kernel Module and configuration for specific hardware, General & Advance Kernel Optimization for Servers, Server Kernel Level hardening and system analysis/profiling $300 – $1200
Disaster Recovery Linux, *BSD Administration service for recovery of systems and servers (Raid/Non-Raid) $200 ($45 per hour after the first 2 hours)
Other Administrative Service Linux, *BSD Non-listed administration and non trivial administrative tasks $65 / hour

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