Wan switching rediscovered

Wan switching rediscovered

Upto 8 wan Links, 250 Connected Clients, 18 Public Domain Websites being hosted, Real Time Internet Access, Information Management System, VPN Service, Firewall, VOD(Video Server) and Multiwan. All these in a Single Quad Core Server with demonstrated 100% uptime for over 10 months ! And I believe that my designed systems can do even better !


Customized Linux as the virtual machine host, Linux as the borderline router, FreeBSD 8.3 as the firewall and multi wan router, OpenSuse 11.3 as the application servers and single Layer 2 managed switch as the traffic managers, I am finally able to achieve this target of building and running a system optimized to up to 800% power efficiency and reliable enough to have run for over 10 months in REAL production environment.

I first tried to test the configuration and started building this HPC system on a Quad Core i7 960M based system. System provided good response till the time of lab testing, but it would collapse under real world loads. Then I decided to let this system a launch on one of my high powered Dell Poweredge servers. Ideally, any quad-core independent processor systems with over 4 GB of RAM should be able to run this setup with some modifications.

I am happy to tell you, my readers, that as of today my newly designed system (I call it Infinity Prima) is running the hosting of 18 websites (8 of which is public domain and 1 matrimonial), 1 database server with over 100 queries per second, 250 test PPPoE clients, 8 Wan-uplink network, 1 VOD Server with over 2 TB data into website, 1 Puclic DNS Server, 2 Firewalls doing traffic filtering, 1 Mail Server and 1 Watch server .. all of these into 1 single physical machine in real production environment with uptime of over 10 months and counting.

Commercial implementation of this design is available. Please contact us for a demonstration of the system.


Arpan Dubey, IT Head, Infinity Technologies
Email : dubey.arpan@gmail.com
+91-9371319879 / +91-9763151299

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